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All-in-One Integrated features to give a smooth experience to your learners on

Your OWN online academy!

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Create your courses

Create and upload a well structured and engaging sequence of courses that amplify your brand.

Build the perfect lesson plan!

Structure your course in the way which connects with the learners.
We will support all kinds of multimedia content like:
  • Videos
  • Online coding exams
  • Assignments
  • Online quizzes and tests
  • Animated powerpoint presentations
  • Embed Content
  • Live class auto-recording
  • Discussions
  • HTML Content
  • Multiple file formats
  • Schedule live classes and conduct classroom sessions.

Schedule LIVE Coaching

Combine the power of your content with a scheduled and Personalised live class scheduled
  • Integrated with ZOOM meeting, webinar
  • Integrated with GoToMeetings & Webinars
  • Multiple Batches and different timings

Personalise the course delivery mechanism

in the way you want learners to learn in the best possible way!
Content Download ProtectionContent Download Protection
Content Download Protection
Private and Hidden CoursesPrivate and Hidden Courses
Private and Hidden Courses
Free or Paid CoursesFree or Paid Courses
Free or Paid Courses
Multiple EducatorsMultiple Educators
Multiple Educators
Dripping CoursesDripping Courses
Dripping Courses
Live Session LibraryLive Session Library
Live Session Library
Course ExpiryCourse Expiry
Course Expiry
Access LimitAccess Limit
Access Limit
Content AvailabilityContent Availability
Content Availability

Build Your Brand

Create and design your own website and launch your mobile apps
Design your own brand

Your Website is on us!

Build your envisioned website and course landing pages, and make it represent your brand perfectly! Select from a palette of colors, logos, and images.If you already have a website, you can quickly integrate it with your Edmingle platform.
  • No Coding knowledge required
  • Powerful website builder with auto-generated course Landing pages
  • Link your domain or subdomain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • End to end integration with Payment Gateway
Design your own brand

Create your Branded Mobile App

Enjoy the experience of an easy-to-use mobile app that displays your content and your very own brand! Give your learners community an all-round learning experience with a convenient mobile app and best in-class design!
  • Fully whitelabelled app in your developer account.
  • Your own developer account
  • Teach and sell courses and send unlimited in-app push notifications.


our unique feature ensures your unique brand and business with:
Your Own Domain / Sub-Domain Name With FREE SSL CertificateYour Own Domain / Sub-Domain Name With FREE SSL Certificate
Your Own Domain / Sub-Domain Name With FREE SSL Certificate
Your Own Google Play or Apple Developer accountYour Own Google Play or Apple Developer account
Your Own Google Play or Apple Developer account
Fully Integrated Payment Gateways with end-to-end checkout flowsFully Integrated Payment Gateways with end-to-end checkout flows
Fully Integrated Payment Gateways with end-to-end checkout flows
Integration with Google Analytics & Facebook PixelIntegration with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel
Integration with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

In-Built Marketing Tools

Our attractive course landing pages and our in-built marketing tools, make your brand stand out to a wider audience.

Reaching out to your students has never been easier, thanks to a plethora of marketing tools.

Push Notifications
  • Make sure to reach your learners, anytime and anywhere.
SMS and Email Systems
  • To keep your students updated about lectures, quizzes, and upcoming events.
Free Preview
  • Browse through the curriculum and view selective modules for free!
Impactful Promotions
  • Run social media campaigns using our promo codes features.
Instant Publish
  • Dedicated landing page for all your courses/services.
Referral System
  • Advocate your brand through our referral system to reach potential learners.
Curriculum Preview
  • A look at the entire curriculum before learners begin their journey with your academy.
Facebook and Google Analytics Integration
  • Track your learners community and provides insights into your audience
Payment Gateway Integration
  • A safe and secure payment system that ensures you never miss out on pay day!
Custom Scripts
  • No need of technical expertise when custom scripting sets up all essentials for your brand.
SEO Friendly Landing Pages
  • Optimize user experience with attractive landing pages and makes it easy to track visitor activity.
Mini CRM
  • To manage leads successfully and easily automate customer relationship management.


Need a full features Assessment Engine? We got covered. Test your learners, track their progress, and reward them accordingly! No need to have an external system to conduct your assessments
Assess your learners

Online Test

Conduct subject tests in the form of:
  • MCQs
  • Subjective multimedia uploads
  • Multimedia
  • Time based tests


Weekly assignments for practice and grading.
  • Say goodbye to any limitations with the liberty to easily post, submit, and evaluate assignments online!
  • Increase student engagement and assess their level of understanding.

Coding Exams

Test the technical mettle of learners with challenging coding tests and platforms.
  • Supports C, C++, Java, and Python.
  • Students can compile and run the code directly on the desktop.
  • Time bound.

Provide test analytics to your students to identify their weakness and strengths!

Assess your learners

Test Analytics

Score analytics and Percentile Ranking
  • Gives your students a clear picture of their performance with accurate statistics.
Time Insight
  • Provides time insight with in-depth analysis.
Question Analytics
  • For your learners to not miss out on any step of preparation.
Comparison Insights
  • Benchmarking that gives you and your community detailed descriptions of data.
Section-wise and Topic-wise Analytics
  • A thorough exploration of topics and content for your learners and you!

You’ll also get Question Banks

True False
True False
Numerical Questions
Numerical Questions
Short-Answer Questions
Short-Answer Questions
Fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks
Fill in the paragraph
Fill in the paragraph
Random Short - Answer Matching
Random Short - Answer Matching
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - Single and Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - Single and Multiple Choice

Student Engagement

Designed for their success and a long-lasting business of value.
Delight your students with a rich learning environment - make learning more enjoyable and celebrate every little win with rewards!
Empire Building

Engage and empower your students community with a platform like no other.

Experience the most of:
Live Learning
  • Interact with your students on live audio and video sessions to enhance their learning experience.
A Customizable Course Player
  • Provide a blend of self-paced and live learning through a interactive course player build to attain high Course completion rates!
Drip Content
  • Have your students be highly engaged and increase retention with your content by setting up a drip schedule.
Weekly Course Reminders
  • Encourage course completion with weekly course progress reminders to helping them track progress and daily activities. Guess what! You can use this for upsells as well.
Training Session Reminders
  • For daily lectures, quizzes, webinars, and upcoming events.
Discussion Forums
  • Develop valuable insights within your community as students participate in discussion forums.
Digital Certificates (Exclusive Feature)
  • Certificates of course completion and rewards to motivate learners. Certificates can be verified too!
Progress Report
  • Keep your students in check with progress reports and grow along with them!


We are working hard to cover set integrations which you can do to provide a seamless experience to your learners. No jumping around multiple softwares!
Empire Building


Your data is your data. Period!

We understand how much sweat goes into building the learning content and build an audience of learners.

Login And Device Restrictions
  • Provides limited logins at a time to maintain security and authentication.
Secured Live Classes
  • No link sharing and no zoom redirection. The classes are web embedded with deep zoom integration for security.
Secure Instant Upgrades
  • Get the latest industry relevant upgrades on a timely basis without worrying about the current workflows
Enhanced Website Security
  • Secure with advanced mechanisms of DRM Encryption and Dynamic Watermarking.
Authenticated Enrollment
  • Avoid illegal access to your content and classes blocking learners who have pending payments.
24/7 Monitoring
  • For security and all-round check of system activity, updates, and events.
Enhanced App Security
  • Ensures authorized access to your lectures and complete protection of content includes screen recording block, screenshot restrictions, and exam proctoring.
DRM Encryption
  • All your content completely encrypted which makes it impossible for learners to download your content even with the hacking and plugins mechanisms.

Build Your Ed-Tech Empire

Grow your own brand, your own way.
Empire Building

Establish your brand name as Edmingle helps your business soar to new heights of success!

Meet all your needs with features like:
  • Have a seamless domain experience with the freedom to customize your brand.
  • Multi-branch system brings everything under one roof!
  • Multiple educators can team in and grow their joint brand on this platform!
  • Multiple payment options that provide several payment options such as credit & debit cards, netbanking, digital wallets, UPI, and more.
  • Create a GST compliant hybrid platform and automatically issue GST compliant invoices and receipts to learners!
  • Customization options: Provides complete integrations and automated development of new features.
  • Own private servers for secure and effective management of your academy.
  • Avail a dedicated account manager to handle daily functioning.
  • 24x7 support in case of any queries.

Edmingle enterprise plan gives you high growth, high volume business, the scalability, flexibility, and reliability you need to provide online education.

Highlights of Enterprise Plan

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Support and training to institute team members.
  • Support for technical difficulties faced by students of the institute.
  • Required customization will be supported and connected with the CORE Edmingle platform.
  • One-on-One Calls and on-site meetings (intra city - Bengaluru) to check for launch preparedness.
  • Hosted on Edmingle Server (Dedicated cloud-server support is available on request)
  • Strategic plan to start the project
  • Advance website customizability
  • Single Sign-On for integrations with other sites.
  • HTML / CSS customization
  • Custom migration plan
  • 99.5% Uptime SLA
  • API Access
  • Dedicated testing account
  • Webhooks